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Darker Objects

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Christine E. Ray places her original poetry and prose alongside the fierce words and artwork of 44 talented international collaborators in her latest offering, Darker Objects.

Poignant Poetic solos, duets, and provocative political anthems are possessed with evocative titles illustrating their focus, including; ’American Gothic’, ’Ghosted’, ’Nocturnes’, ’Viral’ ’Rooms so Still, So Silent’, ’Tongue-Tied’, ’Tenterhooks’, ’Rage Against the Machine’, and ’Feminist Manifesto’. These lightening threads of passion, rage, love, and grief are the dark, irresistible heart of Darker Objects.

Collaborators include creatives from around the globe with a multitude of talent: Kindra M. Austin, Kim D. Bailey, Elijah R. Carney, Jharna Choudhury, Ward Clever, Susan M. Conway, crystal x, Candice Louisa Daquin, Sarah Doughty. OldePunk, Michael Erickson, Rachel Finch, Devereaux Frazier, Stephen Fuller, Nicholas Gagnier, Georgiana Grentzenberg, Iulia Halatz, Saide Harb-Ranero, Quatrina Hosain, Rachael Z. Ikins, Sun Hesper Jansen, Rana Kelly, Erin L. King, Mandy Kocsis, Aakriti Kuntal, John W. Leys, Lois Linkens, Nicole Lyons, Jamie Lynn Martin, Devika Mathur, Nathan McCool, S.K. Nicholas, Dom Wynette, Jack Neece, Allister Nelson, Jesica Nordase, Basiliké Pappa, Zelda Raville, Lynn Devora-McNabb, Kristiana Reed, Megha Sood, Eric Syrdal, Marcia J. Weber, Robert Wertzler, and Laurie Wise

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